Friday, June 6, 2014

I Knew I Was A Control Freak But My Word!

I think I reached a new level. I had the guys drive me to the store in their car, and I will admit there was a moment of sheer terror as the thought hit me that I'm putting my life in their hands. They did fine, but I had to battle every thought of "Let mommy do it!!" I think the circulation is returning to my hands from the death grip I had on the door handle.

That was hard! It's not that they are bad drivers, they just need some more practice. As Jared pointed out, they drive like little old ladies. I'm still surprised that one is still alive. But it's a whole new experience of letting your child decide if you're going to live or die. And there is nothing you can do about it! Gosh, I wonder if this is the same kind of terror my 94 year old grandma feels when her kids keep talking about shoving her into a nursing home.

Seriously, I had no idea to what degree I had things in my tight little grip. There are things the guys do on their own no big deal. But this involved ME! And I was at their mercy. I wasn't prepared for the emotions that would bring up. I almost feel like I need therapy now. Or maybe they need therapy - how to get your mother's claws off of your life. Which is odd because I didn't think I was doing that at all. There have been several things lately (job hunting!) that I've had them handle and do on their own.

This is going to be an interesting next few years.

Second, I find it a bit ri-donk-ulous the prices I've been finding regarding grad pictures. And that whole times 2 thing? This crap ain't cheap!! So after spending tons of time scouring the inter-webby I came to the conclusion I was just going to wing it with my camera.

Somehow I managed to con talk the guys into mowing the lawn. Then I stressed out so they took pity on me and we did some pictures because nothing makes me move faster and stress more than waiting till that last minute to do senior pictures and make announcements like needing it done like NOW!

Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow! At some your convenience....or not.

But the beauty of it is we have this huge tree out back so I used that as a backdrop and it worked out perfectly! I snapped a few from my phone and posted it on facebook and people are already saying nice pic! So naturally the ones from my camera will be a lot better. Hopefully.

Next came the price game to see who has a better deal. Is it cheaper for me to have announcements made or make them myself? In case you were really wondering that question - it is way cheaper to have them made at like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and CVS verses some of the other uppity sites I've been on. Kaye gave me a few good pointers because I found it much cheaper at Wal-Mart than anywhere else! (Thanks Kaye!)

But this has left me to the point where I'm slamming my head repeatedly on the desk. Lot of stuff to wade through. I got over feeling guilty about the whole party thing and that was mostly because people took pity on all my whining to tell me story after story of people shelling out hundreds for a party and hardly anyone showed up. I waved buh-bye at that guilt only to have the next one roll in when my mom couldn't believe I wasn't going to make the announcements. I got over that one fairly quickly when I started price checking stuff.

And I quote: "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

Jared pointed out that he doesn't know why I'm bothering - it's not like it's a party announcement, I don't have a lot of people's address any more thanks to moving twice in a year, and it's not like I want any of the relatives to show up either.

See previous statement about not sure how he is still living.

While he does have a point, I feel all this pressure to do it. We ordered their diplomas and they arrived today! Woot woot! Here is something you never hear at a home school convention - what to name your school. You want people to take their education seriously, but if you name their high school Lil Shepherd's Academy - might not have the right punch to it. Or they may get asked if they rode the short bus to school. I don't know. I can tell you after filling out tons of job applications you want to sound credible. 

But the stress has robbed me of all sleep. I told the guys if I break down bawling this Sunday it may be mainly from a lack of sleep. Actually, we all know it's not true. Worth a shot.

We're picking up their cake tomorrow. Scratch that - they are picking up their cake tomorrow. I'll be making their favorite dips and snacks. My folks are coming down. Fred's folks can't make it. And our place is so small, it can barely handle us let alone extra people. But it'll be good. They'll get a bible with their name engraved on it at church, we'll give them their diplomas when we get back, awesome snackage will be had, and more pictures. Then next week I can get it all printed out and mailed off and then pass out.

Almost there!