Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Thank you for flying Bug Air - where you really don't have much of a choice.  Um, unless you click on that button on the left to leave this page, but whatever! That's besides the point!!

Your Captain would like to point out some of the views to your left and your right of whatever this is that we're flying.

The Captain will admit that things have been a bit bumpy these last few weeks. That whole balance everything at once has proven to be harder than what it looks like. You may recall that juggling is a bit of a stretch for me as in I can't, but so far I'm faking it. J is back into the swing of school. M and N are holding down the fort handling their own duties, and a few nights out of the week are actually cooking.

(The Captain is still smug about this for some odd reason)

This blog has been neglected and I think I blew dust off of my Pinterest account. I had this whole blog post about how I really wished I never introduced my MIL to Pinterest because she is one of those people who will pin 185 pins to one board at a time. Right now she is averaging 3 boards a day. I think I've unfollowed like 20 of her boards but she keeps clogging up my feed that I just stopped going on it. Tragic.

Oh look. Another thing for my MIL to ruin. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Why yes, yes I did. Be glad I never posted the blog post and we'll leave it at that, m'kay?

On the right side of the....whatever, you'll notice that pile of mess is a lot of stuff I just can't get to until I get a day off. I find myself cramming in a bunch of stuff on my days off trying to keep ahead of things. I've never been that great of a housekeeper and I'm behind on that. One of the guys wrote in the dust "clean me" so I wrote back in dust "get rag and do it yourself."

Except now that I think about it, I've done that before so I guess I don't have much of an excuse. Oh well.

There has been conflicting schedules that we've been trying to balance as well. Some days I feel like I'm trying to herd a bunch of turtles and other days it seems like I'm hunting wabbits. I've had a couple snafus and feel like I just can't do everything. Which I can't. I'm not even trying. But I still feel like I'm letting the guys down and I'm not even sure why I feel that way. Weird.

We've had more issues with the neighborhood jerks. The little punks (who are younger than J) have gone from banging on our door, knocking our trash over, putting firecrackers on the porch to now throwing rocks and breaking windows. And added bonus, the landlord is taking their usual sweet old time to do anything about it. Hope they get it done before the snow flies.

I'm not sure if it's Hoosier manners or if people really need their eyes checked or what, but no one believes the guys are our kids. Fred and the twins get asked all.the.time if they're brothers. And Sunday we checked out a new church and was asked if were a group of college kids. Then we were asked if we were foster parents because they didn't believe we were old enough to be the biological parents. Wasn't even sure how to respond to that one. Don't get me wrong, we all had a good long laugh over that one but seriously.

I'm now concern I'm using too much paint and glue to hold it all together.

I told my mom I must have frozen my face into a 'please tell me more' look rather than what I'm thinking which is 'go away before I hurt you'. Not really sure how I got those two looks mixed up. I've even tried to practice my Fred face which is a scowl. So far, I am not nailing it.

And work has been....interesting. I don't even know where to start. Seriously throws me for a loop that people behave like spoiled brats. So far, I haven't gone off all sarcastic on anyone, which I give all credit to Jesus because there have been a handful of times that I was ready to send the person to meet Him face to face. I will say it's a weird experience to get cussed out by a little old lady. Not sure if her Depends shifted the wrong way or if she mixed up her denture cream with the Preparation H but w-o-w.

Don't even get me started on people who just shove things in random areas and I've heard many a person say, "so what - that's their job." Here's the thing with that - there are a ton of little stuff that we can't keep on top of and since lots of people have all decided it's someone else job to pick up after them and put stuff away, it doesn't always pan out. Closing is hard because trying to put all that stuff back takes a long time. Being on my feet all day and then walk all over the store to put it away has kicked me right in the muffin top which is probably a good thing. Too bad I still look like a busted can of biscuits. Or maybe that's just how I'm feeling. I'm starting to get more endurance so that's good. Wasn't sure I was going to survive last month.

Had a lady change her mind on about 300 sheets of random scrapbook paper. I had to repent for wishing her an infestation of fleas in her unmentionables while I tried to put it all back.

What? I said I repented.

However, there are a lot of nice people that have been a true joy to wait on. And the creative ideas people come up with?! Oh my gosh!! Wish I could take notes on some of the projects people have told me about.

For the most part I would say things have been good. It's just been bumpy shifting gears. Some days I feel like I can do it and other days are epic pity-parties. And I'm not sure how to shake myself out of it either. I can tell I make a difference when I choose to be pleasant to people when all I want to do it give them a giant plate of sarcastic comments....and a seriously smack to the head. Its just those days where I feel empty and having a hard time getting filled back up that are the real challenge. I'm not a fan of those days. Because life doesn't slow down long enough for me to come in for a landing. Can't seem to get very far with nothing but fumes either.

So the Captain would like to apologize for the serious lack of blogging. However, I'm not even sure if anyone is still on board any more as there is a suspiciously low number of parachutes left.

Once again, thanks for flying with Bug Air.