Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta...

Take a few days off! I'm not sure how or why I was scheduled the weekend off but you won't hear me complaining!! Well....I might complain, but it's more like the fact that they upped my hours after telling me I'll be begging for more work. I'm thinking someone either doesn't know me or is not being honest and are convinced if they tell me the truth, I'll run out the door screaming.

That is sounding like a high probability!

I was scheduled to work Friday night but I tried to get someone else to cover for me. I am slightly confused because one manager said it was no big deal and another manager said I better find someone to cover it or I was in trouble. By all means, fire me. It will save me from feeling guilty when I go to quit. I did feel bad because I made a gal a scarf and I think she felt liked she owed me, so she covered it for me. I'll just do what I normally do and make her some goodies and maybe another scarf and hope that will make up for it.

I think I have some issues. Not entirely certain.

The reason I HAD to take Friday off was because it was the book sale! Hallelujah, amen! It was time to load up on some more crack books! Not like I've had a lot of time to read lately but that's not going to stop me. And I couldn't disappoint the gals who were coming down, so I did what I must. I went and had a fabulous time as always. There were a few bumps like there is one lady that constantly hogs the Christian Fiction section. I think she might live under the tables because she is always there no matter how early we are standing out in the cold. But she likes to crowd us out by leaving all her bags in one section and then just keeps scooting next to us until we all take a step to the side or risk her attaching herself to our arm.

Eww! (said in your best Jimmy Fallon voice)

After peeling her off my arm, I gave up and went and checked out a few other areas and circled back around after a while to finally check out the section she guards with her life. About the 3rd book I picked up and put in my bag, she materialized out of nowhere and did her normal lean in and scoot. She does this every time. She's done shopping because she doesn't pick up any more books, but she clearly gets upset if I start taking too many books. It was weird. Seriously lady? You already had first crack at it, you got 3 bags worth of stuff, AND you didn't pick up anything else when we were there so what's the deal? I wasn't having it this time around. I had the high ground and I wasn't surrendering!

That may just be confirmation I really do have issues. I bet she has 15 cats at home. And they're the sane ones in her book hoarding little group.

But I got some good deals. Unfortunately, I bought the same book again. Fred has me beat on this one. He can't keep straight how many books he has read, so when we try to complete a series, doubles sometimes happens. I'm not sure what we'll do with the twin books. Not like anyone is going to want book #7 of a series they've never read. Then I went to put the books on the "to be read" shelf and there was no room. So I just piled the books next to said shelf. It's sort of sad. On top of that the already read box is over-flowing so looks like I'm going to have to spend a few hours straighten some things out. Translation - that's not going to happen.

Next we headed off to Trader Joe's and I think I should be slightly embarrassed that people go there for healthy food and I managed to score every single junk food they sell. I haven't managed to work up enough emotion for it to rise to the surface of actual feelings, but I'm sure it's there. Buried under a bag of cookie butter sandwiches. I haven't tried them yet but somehow I feel it is my duty to try something called cookie butter.

That went off smoothly and then we went to P.F. Chang's. Yum! However, we managed to score thee most grumpiest waitress in the tri-county area. Seeings how we are in the capital of Indiana - that's pretty impressive. This gal's snarl did put a damper on things. We were all skert to ask for anything else because just trying to get her to bring us lemons for our water was apparently too much of an effort. I offered up prayers that we would survive her and we managed to get out unscathed. I opened up my take-out box the next day and had to laugh. She didn't put the rest of my rice in the box. Well alrighty then! For as pricey as that place is I'm thinking they need to screen their staff a teensy bit more. But that's just crazy talk I guess!

People amaze me. I get having a bad day but there is having an off day and choosing to just be one nasty pill. I think if she would have smiled, her face would have cracked and fallen off. We've had a few regular customers like that where they want to argue over everything. They aren't pleasant, they can't smile, and are just nasty. And there is nothing you can say or do to change their attitude. Well, that's not true. I've found out I can make them go from mean to demon possessed in a few short seconds by not giving them what they want. Unpleasant!

And I think I have managed to convince the guys to swap where we grocery shop every other week. I can almost feel the bonds of stuffmart being pulled off of me! Except for the fact that after shopping there for years, we're used to certain things. But we went to Meijer this last time and we all agreed it was a pleasant shopping experience. Paid more money for everything but didn't feel the need to run people over with the grocery cart. That's got to count for something, right?

I think what we'll do is try to load up on certain items and that way we can swap back and forth. This greeter is really starting to wear on us. I just don't feel like standing around talking while blocking the exit to listen to her tell us the same stories or ask the same questions. It's like talking to my FIL. Yeah, no thanks! So maybe this is a good thing. It's forcing us out of our normal get in and get out/just trying to survive mentality. I'm also hoping we'll move to the other side of the city. At least the non ghetto part.

Saturday I made a Coke Cola Chocolate Cake. It was delish. I might make another one latter in the week because it's just that good. Sissy came down today and we had fun hanging out and finishing off the cake. Working on a snack list for next weekend. I still don't care about the Superbowl - I am in it for the commercials and the excuse to make this much dip. Bring it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Think I Survived The Holidays

Of course I mean the fall holidays - jury is still out on Christmas. And I say that because a few days ago after I got off from work, I came home and finally did a bunch of Christmas goodies that I normally do but haven't had the time to do. Or energy. I don't think I should even begin to touch the topic of me and lack of energy. I'm hoping with hours finally getting back down to normal I've got a shot at recuperating. Can't say as I'm holding my breath but I can dream.

My folks crashed our Christmas Eve dinner. We survived and I'll leave it at that. It wasn't as bad as what it was in the past, but there is still room for improvement. Like them being somewhere else if she can't stop with all the criticism. But on a lighter side, I'm not an emotional wreck about it on the other side of it. Look at me being a grown up and all! Who would of thought? We were able to surprise the guys. We got Tim Hawkins new DVD and we were able to get tickets to go see him live again. Had an awesome time last time and glad we get to do it again.

We just got dumped on with snow. I am not amused. Where was this crap for Christmas? I got all the Christmas stuff down and put away Sunday. Last night I went into work and things where okay and came out to the parking lot covered in snow. At least I got the next couple days off because tomorrow is single digits and me buried under a blanket with a book. Or knitting because I picked up some more yarn. But then again I'm trying to get caught up with my scrapbook stuff. This is starting to get complicated! Which project do I tackle?

Of course, I just realized that we need to go grocery shopping. Talk about a mood killer. It's bad enough that we have to go into stuffmart, but we've been sort of adopted by one of the greeters. She always calls out "there's my boys!" The guys all give me a look of "make her stop." Sorry fellas, but you're on your own. Meet the power of an old lady who won't go away. She's a sweetie, but she is a talker, and after 15 minutes of non-stop talking, I get concern the milk is starting to turn and the ice cream has melted. Except now that it's cold I can't use that excuse any more. Better come up with something quick. My oranges might freeze?

I can't get over how crazy the weather is here. One thing you can count on Michigan - it will be cold. End of story. Here in Indiana we have days where it's in the 50s, a couple days where it's in the 30s, and one day where it dips down in the 20s. And then it'll shoot back up to 50s. Except tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 5. It's weird to look at the calendar and then look out the window and go, What? Does not compute!!

Messes with my head.

Sort of like when I went into work and we had Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day stuff out. It was 2 days before Christmas!! I was with a guest, thought I knew what they were looking for, came around the corner and was like, "What the heck??? When did THIS show up?!?" Retail is weird. And for people who wait the week of Christmas for Christmas napkins and such? You are so screwed. We were totally out of wrapping paper the week before Christmas. You snooze, you loose!

Better buy your Easter stuff soon. Sheesh!