Friday, May 8, 2015

Limbo, Limbo, Limbo!!

Sounds like some sort of a dance. When did my life decide to take dancing lessons?!? And did it forget it has 2 left feet?

Not much news in a bunch of areas, so random smoosh because this is the only shot I have at making a blog post.

Found out the guy that Fred hit is still in the hospital with respiratory failure and has been on a vent. Yikes! We've been praying for his full recovery. And also that God would heal his brain for thinking he can walk in the road wearing dark clothes at 6 in the morning. Not that I'm bitter about it. I think it's more floored that someone would be that stupid.

The whole thing made it in the news. Pictures of Fred's car with the busted windshield on all the local channels was a bit surprising. I think what surprised us the most is how it was repeatedly reported that the driver stayed on the seen and was cooperating with police. Really? I guess it is very common and the cops were truly surprised he stayed and called the cops himself. He followed all the instructions of the operator and was about ready to preform CPR when the cops showed up and took over. I still feel really bad for the guy's family - someone has been in his room with him no matter what time of day it has been. I hope if they are in a suing mood they'll sue the city for not having sidewalks in that area and leave Fred out of it.

As if all that wasn't fun to deal with we've been having the water heater going out. Took the rental company a couple weeks to replace it. It was a toss up of did we have hot water or just kidding! Fred had a few days where he didn't have a shower because the scene from Groundhog Day where the guy leaps out of the shower came to mind.

Good times.

Said no one.


I was at work last week and I was standing over an open drawer of patterns when I bumped my hand and the diamond in my wedding ring flew out. I looked down at the drawer and promptly muttered sh!t! We were about ready to leave for the night, the patterns were the last thing we were working on and now this. Thankfully I found the diamond, not in the drawer after we took the whole thing apart, but it had flew behind the stack of patterns I was putting away.

Then I had to suffer through a week without my rings because none of my rings will fit that finger. I felt so exposed and nekkid! I even had someone ask me if I was going through a divorce after noticing my lack of rings. I told my sad tale of woe to the nosy creeper. I'm always surprised and what people notice and have the gull to comment about. I then took slight pleasure informing her that her stack of coupons had all expired. Another moment where my issues decided to show up and top someone else's crazy.

It's not a competition, Joanna! Although in my defense if you had any idea how many times a shift I get comments about my name you would understand why I bring the crazy. There is only so many times before I go all extra snarky and bring it. Because this is what I hear and I have replied with this depending on the mood and the person because there are just people who can't take a joke.
"Hey do you own the store?" Why yes, yes I do. I'm just really into customer service.
"Are you the actual Jo-Ann?" No. I have an A on the end so clearly I can't be her even though she technically doesn't exist as the name was a combination of 2 daughters.
"Are you undercover boss?" Yes, and the A on the end is part of my secret identity.
"Since it's your store can you give us an extra discount?" Ah-ha- no.
"Do they give you an extra discount for your name?" No, but I have asked. Repeatedly.
"You should just have an arrow on your name tag pointing to the logo on the apron." No, because that will only confuse the mentally challenged people who would then ask me why is my name arrow, or if that was a symbol for peace in another language.

I wish I was kidding.

And before you say no one can be that ditzy than come on down to the city! Because we have every type of nut job you can imagine and a handful that you can't! Like the lady that cussed her phone Klingon. Or the couple that were dressed like ghost-busters. I can make a list. But I don't have time. That's how long the list would be.

But Fred found a jewelry designer who not only fixed it, but made it better. Even resized the anniversary band and just made it look better than it ever did AND he didn't rake us over the coals. Whole thing cost us under a 100 bucks! Super happy! Turned a crappy situation into a wonderful blessing.

And speaking of blessing - we celebrated Jared who is now 16! Dude is still hilarious. He certainly can make any situation better to go through just through his shenanigans. He continues to be joy to be around even when he's being a bit a twerp. He's now 2 inches taller than Fred but those 2 will wrestle to the point where I'm concern for the furniture. My folks came down to wish him a happy b-day and the in-laws will be rolling in sometime tonight for a weekend visit.

Hoping for a good weekend and some nice weather, all while I try not to think about all the other junk floating out there. Because LIMBO!! Now I must do a conga line singing limbo, limbo, lim-bo!
OR I'll just lay down and take a nap. That sounds better.