Friday, July 24, 2015

Light It On Fire!!

Bust out the marshmallows! Our plans got napalmed! And not in a well we can shift this here and there. Nope. Burnt it all to heck.

Thank the good Lord that He gave me Fred, because that man is really unstoppable. Dude came up with a plan on the fly while I'm just now crawling out of my blanket fort to throw away the half box of tissues I've used from all the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

We were told to get utilities changed in our name for Friday - okay check. We got moving truck all reserved for Saturday and Sunday - check. We had people from out of town all set to come help us move - check. And then last night I got a text message from Fred that we aren't closing until.....wait for it.....Monday.

Allow me to sing you the song of my people WAAAAHHHHH! Son of a nutcracker! AAAHHH! Ah! ah!

Seriously was in the middle of an ugly cry when my phone chimed, I picked it up, wiped my eyes and there was a message from my man saying, "I have a plan. We got this."

And that is just one of the reasons why I truly adore him.

The new plan is we got another storage unit, as we already packed out a small one. We got the moving truck for an extra day. We're going to load up the truck and pack out the storage unit with anything that will fit in my TrailBlazer. Then we're going to load up the truck Sunday with everything else. Fred's parents are the only ones now available so they are coming out Sunday night with a trailer and truck. We're closing Monday afternoon and then it's going to be a mad dash to get everything over to the new place. Then we'll try to get the storage units emptied throughout the week before a new month rolls in. Oh yeah, and get a kid in to take his written test to renew his permit and then schedule a driver's test.

God help me.

I did have a few weak moments of Tourettes and the eye twitch did signal in Morse Code this sucks. I do have to agree with the old broad, but have little choice but to go on. I don't know how long the in-laws are staying, and because this is my life, my folks will be available to help during the week. For those of you tracking - they all don't get along. Would that be th'all? Kind of like y'all only more? I give up.

History has taught me that the sheer amount of stupid garbage that is going on can only mean that we have another huge blessing coming down the pipe. At least we better because my nerves are like 'Seriously? This crap AGAIN?!?' And how sad is this? I have no chocolate in the house. Gasp! This is a crime!

And if I have to eat one more frozen pizza I think I'm going to barf. We're clearing out the big freezer and apparently Jared either doesn't bother to count how much stuff is in there or he is preparing for some type of zombie apocalypse. I really have no idea how or when I dropped the ball with him, but I'm starting to think it might be a genetic mutation because he makes my head hurt. I'm finding myself yelling, "Really?" at him while he just grins at me and slowly slinks away. You know how funny it is to see someone about 6 ft try to slink away? It's flipping hilarious which doesn't help when you're trying to yell at him. At least Fred hasn't mind eating all the bags of pizza rolls.

Right now I'm refusing to come out of my blanket fort. They haven't noticed yet, but I'm sure they will once they've noticed I took the box of poptarts with me. I keep waiting for Fred to pack up my blanket and then shrug all mystified as to where did it go. Not like it would be that hard as my fort is really just me hiding under a blanket. Actually, dude is in the zone and has no time for shenanigans right now. Which is a shame because I think that is something I excel at, while blanket forts - not so much.