Friday, July 10, 2015

Taking Procrastination To A Whole New Level

Fred keeps kicking me out of my blanket fort and tells me I need to get a grip. Like right now. After a few rounds of angry eyebrows, I forced myself to get all my scrapbook stuff packed up. And let me tell you how low I felt looking at how far behind I am on the guys' books. But then I muttered how my whole "me" time got stolen and I feel like ain't nobody got time for that now. Especially since I feel like 2 out of 3 have hit most of their milestones and I don't even remember the last time I even touched my camera, let alone think about recording this moment in life.

I'm not even sure I want to remember this moment in my life. I mean, I do but at the same time I don't.

How sad is this? I pulled a "guy" moment where I did something and looked all proud of my accomplishment and looked to my better half trying to impress him at my said accomplishment. Thought I was going to get a good job coming from Mr. Robot. Instead I got a snort with a mumbled about time because this was like his 5th trip from cramming stuff into the storage unit he got. I'm going to blame him as he got a smaller unit than last time and is now pulling some super power stackability thing going on. And spell check about blew up at that word. I'll just chalk it up to that dude is a lot harder to impress than what my procrastinating ways can muster.

George decided to grace me with his royal presence. Wished I would have known as I am without chocolate. Scratch that. Last night now makes total sense. I made a pan of white chocolate chip blondies, slapped it up with some ice cream and then hosed it down with this white chocolate sauce I found in the coffee aisle. I'm not sure how to describe it other than I need to lock this stuff up because I sort of envisioned tossing my head back and squirting that bottle for all it's worth! Yum!

But that means my last 2 days of work are going to be uncomfortable. Tomorrow is my last day. I just have to survive tonight. I feel someone was spiteful in the schedule because I close and then turn around and work opening shift. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the whole thing. I'm a big, big fan of money as I can tell you from personal experience that not having enough of it really, really sucks. So not having that extra cushion is causing me to have some anxiety. However, the thought of still working there causing me a whole other round of anxiety and giving up the will to go on. At least this way I won't have to keep a straight face while someone yells at me for their expired coupon.

I've decided that I will cope by staying in my blanket fort and read my stacks, nay - piles of books. Except Fred packed up all the books. I thought maybe I should get back to working on a blanket I'm loom knitting only to discover that it too has been packed up. As the other 2 projects I had going on. And before you ask why do I have multiple projects........OOOO shiny!

Where was I?

We are still waiting on a closing date. The only advantage to all this waiting is that the sellers are going to be out by the time we close, which the last date they wouldn't have been ready. The only downer is it is going to take one big miracle to get it by next weekend. Which is now turning funny because all the people that offered to help are now busy and can't help. So if we do get it - it'll just be the 5 of us moving all our crap. Which this will be our 3rd move doing everything ourselves so honestly, I'm not phased. Or surprised.

I'm laughing at my folks right now. We've all had computer issues lately. We buy refurbished stuff as that is what our budget will allow. I think back in April my Mom's computer died so we got her a refurb tower. Right after we got our new one, my Dad called and said his died and needs one too. While getting him one, we found a laptop for J to use on his schoolwork because his computer was on its last leg. It was so sad to see this big dude hunched over trying to do schoolwork on this small computer monitor. The kicker is we bought 2 things and had them sent to 2 different address. They both arrived here.

But of course they did!

I called my Mom and she had me laughing. I guess they have been "sharing" a computer and it hasn't been going very well. So when I told her it was here rather than being shipped to them, she volunteered my Dad to come down and get it. Well, okay then!

I seriously hope my procrastinating ways would just go away. I don't always have the energy to play rock, paper, scissors with myself to get things done in a timely matter. I get things done, but it's usually with my hair on fire and running around screaming like an angry chicken. While this is amusing to picture, I'm sure the guys will tell you it's no picnic to live with. I keep telling them girls are all crazy, they just have to decide what flavor of psycho they can live with. Their dad usually has that look that says, "she's not kidding" but refuses to say my presence.

George says if you need us we will be in the blanket fort refusing to come out and make dinner at 3 pm so I can eat dinner at 4, get out the door and get to work by 5 battling rush hour traffic. I can do this! Tomorrow! I am free!!


Kaye Butler said...

I need pictures of this new house that will hold your blanket fort...

Joanna said...

I'm sure I'll post it on Facebook once we actually get the place. :)
I haven't been able to get pictures to post on blogger for a long time. Probably operator error.