Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Survived!!

I will be honest, I'm wasn't so sure I was going to pull through as it was sort of touch and go there for a while. However, Fred's plan H, as I'm now calling it, held true and we made it. Sure there were some awkward moments like when I found out my FIL shoved a basket of our dirty clothes and a bag of my clean clothes unzipped and shoved onto his open trailer that caused me to have a few panic attacks. I looked at my MIL and said I'm amazed we didn't find my bras and underwear thrown all the place from here to there. She got a good laugh out that one.

I'm still not laughing about it.

And it was a really weird feeling to see my son drive off in his car with his brothers. Although, I am quite proud of myself that I didn't get all teary eyed about it. I was happy for him. But it was one of the weirdest feelings. I did get the other son into the BMV and he passed, like we knew he would, and he is scheduled for another road test. So far marinating him in calming oils hasn't done squat for his nerves.

But he smells nice.

We did have one guy step off the moving truck too soon and cut open his thumb and banged up his knees pretty good, but ever ready Freddie pulled out an emergency kit from his car and got him cleaned up. All while I had to sit down with my head between my knees as I about passed out. Well it WAS a lot of blood, m'kay? Come to think of it, this is the second time N pulled some sort of major injury during a move.

Note to self - get more bubble wrap. And remind Fred to make sure his emergency kit is fully stocked. Scratch that - I'm not moving ever again!

The guys were great. They really made moving easier. Who knew having adult children would actually come in handy? Not only did they handle moving stuff, but they helped paint their rooms too. It has been non-stop work. Teaching teenagers how to paint was....um, interesting. But the older two were happy that they tried to do something new and are proud of their hard work. We are all happy with their rooms. J was super happy to get rid of the electric lime green walls and finally got a big boy bed as he called it. He's too tall for a twin size bed so we got him a full size. If he grows any taller I'm going to kick myself for not getting him a queen size.

Another little mishap was a Wal-Mart floor mat tried to kill me. We were running in, grabbing just a few things, and bugging out. At least that is what we attempted until a wet floor mat took my butt down! That magic carpet ride was over in .3 seconds resulting in me landing on my knees - hard! That was over a week ago and my knees are still black and blue. No, I did not report an incident report because we had crap to do and stuffmart can't do anything at a normal pace. I would still be there if I bothered to report it. But I did noticed when we went grocery shopping that there were 3 brand new floor mats AND 2 caution signs. You just know someone in the security booth rewound that epic face plant several times over. Gah!

My mom came down and stayed with us for a few days. She has been the caulking queen! The place wasn't very clean so while the guys and I were finishing up painting and shampooing the carpets, she was cleaning stuff up. I don't understand why this place was lacking so much caulk when caulk hides a lot of sin. Some of the rooms have painted trim that has no caulking done, and some rooms have wood trim but just really beat up. Mom brought some tung oil and rags then told me to get at it. This stuff is like magic! After she hinted several times over that her old hutch could really use a couple coats of the stuff, I got to it. She was right. I had no idea about this stuff. The guys have been hilarious - they wanted to know how exactly is tung oil harvested? Did they twist a lot of tongues?

But with all the painting and rubbing oil over stuff - I am beat! I'm not even done! She's coming back tomorrow to help me get the dining room and living room caulked and painted. I'm glad she's helping me do all this work, but it's hard to make decorating decisions when you have a heating pad on your shoulder. I did get to laughing when she tried to change Fred's mind on what to do about the kitchen cabinets. I wish I had a bowl of popcorn to watch the back and forth. Except they both tossed pillows at me because it was said I was being a smart@$$ and it wasn't appreciated.

I have no idea what they were talking about........ahem!

I see I'm going to be stripping paint off of cabinets in my future. And there was some serious pressure to pick out paint colors like right now! Again, I'm glad for the help, I just wished she would have held off for another week. Just feel like I'm trying to do everything all at once and then I pass out at night. Last night we finally got our bed all set up. I slept really good once I got my brain to shut off. I'm only catching a shower here and there so I smell like a yeti, my knees are all banged up, I have random splotches of paint on my arms, ankles, and toes. The guys were laughing at me for painting barefoot. I said my feet can wash, my shoes can't. They stopped laughing and took off their shoes.


And how's this for crappy child award? Found out my parents 50th wedding anniversary is Friday and I had no idea. I am a jerk. I threw them a surprise 25th wedding anniversary and it about did me in. Granted, I was 16 but it was all very stressful. So I'm feeling like a real turd blossom that here it is and I got nothing. I asked if she wanted me to organize a family party or something and she said no, she doesn't like parties and doesn't want to really bother. She said she just saw everyone at my grandma's 95th b-day party, and she just saw one of her sisters. And she'll be busting her butt to help me get the place together. Insert all kinds of feelings of guilt. So I told her to have Dad come on down and I'll take everyone to The Cheesecake Factory and then pray Fred's paycheck is a really good one.

It's moments like these that I wonder if Fred looks at me like I'm insane, but then he went and got my Mom a gas card to help cover all her driving and then I feel all ooey gooey. That and totally relieved he wasn't going to go make a sign that says Will Give To A Good Home and park me on the side of the road.

But kudos to Fred for being an awesome trooper through it all! They say Rome wasn't built in a day. I say it's because they didn't have Fred! Any time he has a day off he gets tons of stuff done. Very happy with how things are all coming together and we're all thrilled with the place. It's peaceful. We don't hear doors slamming, people yelling, gun shots, sirens, or some jerk revving his car at midnight. And oh happy day! I don't hear the guys a whole lot when they are playing music and I'm downstairs. I can actually watch TV! All at the same time! The crazy is at a whole new level.

So even though everything was bumpy and crazy, my happy cup is overflowing. Granted, it's splattered in paint right now but the happy is certainly there. Just in time for me to realize that some time next week we need to work on a lesson plan for the upcoming school year. Boo!