Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Dances And Reality Checks

Sort of a bummer when they show up at the same time, but that's life for ya. Happy dance - we are about 90% unpacked. I still need to paint the guys' bathroom and the downstairs bathroom. I'm putting the kitchen off for awhile because the reality check is I have a rib out of place again. Every now and then my arm will go nub and then I have shooting tingles as the circulation kicks back in. It seems doing repetitive motion makes it really bad. Things like painting and cleaning and life in general seems to cause all these issues of my arm not cooperating.

I need to find a chiropractor. Like yesterday. And I will....eventually. Maybe. Possibleness. Like the possibility is there, but I just sort of have 1500 other things demanding my attention right now.

Another happy dance is dude passed his driver's test and both twins have their driver's license now. Dude nailed the parallel parking first try and smooth sailing from there. For some odd reason he didn't want me to be the one to take him. It's possible that his reasons for it is because when he came home with a big grin on his face, I made a huge scream fest of happy over him. I think it was my 4th lap around the house he told me to put a sock in it. Imagine how embarrassing that would have been in public. I've already set them on a few quests of running errands for me and! Out of milk? Hey! One of you go to the store and get some more milk, please?


The reality check is job hunting. And let me go off on a major rant about this because Oh.Mah.Gawd!! I don't like adulting and to try and help newbie adults try to adult? Well, let's just say there is only enough room in the blanket fort for me! And it's about a 50/50 if I'm willing to ever see the light of day again. I'm in the weird combo of cheerleader and boot.

Once upon a time you went to a place that you were hoping to get a job at. You would fill out an application, turn it in, and wait for the hiring manager to call you. Now days you have to go online to apply, which is fine so long as the freaking software program actually works. We've had a few problems of places not letting us log back in and/or not recognizing the password and won't let you reset it. And I want to know who these high and mighty stores think they are fooling. A resume? Seriously? Your crappy retail store is asking for a resume?!? And it won't let you apply unless there is a resume and a cover letter?!? Do you know how hard it is to come up with something for people who have never had experience? It's been challenging enough for one, but oh happy day, we have the twin thing we always have to deal with. I thought all of our brains were going to explode all over the floor after coming up with a glorious piece of fluff after going through the process for each one, because you have to tweak it for each place. Times this by 2.

I'm at the point where when people say to me they've always wanted twins, I'm just going to slap them right upside the head for not thinking that one all the way through.

One thing I am insisting on is that I do not want them working at the same place. They have to deal with the whole twin comments all the time and people constantly compare them. That would suck a thousand times over to have your work be judged against your brother, especially if it's something he is better at doing. This has left double the searching efforts. And they have been rejecting every.single.suggestion that I have made. Leaving it up to them hasn't gone very fast, so the cheerleader is resting and the boot has come out to play. There has been a lot of stuff happening and a lot of juggling that has been going on and it hasn't been easy on all of us for different reasons.

On top of that, J is back in the swing of things for school. Honestly, it's been just a hot mess of all kinds of emotions going on. It hasn't helped that both sets of grandparents came down with a ton of guilt and pressure on the guys. I get what they are saying, but not everyone has it all together right out of high school. Moving to a big city has been a huge adjustment for us and no one seems to get that. It got pretty bad and there were a lot of words that were said and a lot of hurt feelings. Part of me feels that dealing with people just isn't worth it anymore. Am I the only one out there that is tired of having to be measured by other people's standards and opinions?

If that wasn't enough to do us in, the worthless rental company tried to slap us with a bill for $3000 to fix all the damages they claimed we caused. It was a long list of bull as they tried to say all the light bulbs weren't working etc. While we knew they were going to pull some shady stuff, that took the cake! They sent a collection agency after us. After we sent our letter contesting it, they decided to reduce the amount to $1600. If they think they are getting a nickle out of me, than they are sadly mistaken. But it's been a royal pain to have to get this stuff out in the mail because they date all their stuff and then wait three weeks before they mail it to claim we went pass the 30 days to contest.

The words - they are plentiful and foul.

But on a brighter note, we finally have all our books unpacked! We ended up getting 6 cheapo bookshelves but then Fred clamped and screwed it all together making it looking like a fancy built in. It really is nice to look at. I need a couple comfy chairs in there but that is for a later time. I talked my mom into helping me decorate and stage stuff. Sadly, I did not get that from the gene pool. She made it all look very nice. She said we still have more to do in the dining room, but I'm not sure what she had in mine. But she surprised me with how nice everything turned out. I still can't figure out how to get blogger to load a picture, so you'll just have to take my word that it looks nice. We even have room on the shelves for more books, so this is an extra happy moment. At least I think we have room. I still have about two boxes worth of stuff to read. I am happy to report that I've been buzzing through a few so there is hope I'll get caught up.

That is until I go to the next book sale. Minor detail.