Saturday, November 28, 2015

You Know I'm Tired When...

All I can do is shrug my shoulders at this point if you can even see the blog straight. Let's just say I wrestled with this thing waaay longer than I had intended and now I'm totally over it. The banner and the background don't want to line up and play nice.

I'm now at the official whatever stage.

That could just be George talking. Then again this caused a deep level of angst to rise up and throw things. So far the eye twitch is talking me out of throwing the keyboard, so there's the one and only happy thing going for me right at this moment.

Welp. We survived Thanksgiving. I hope you all - ya'll - whatever - had a wonderful time. My dad was in a good mood, grandma was hanging in there, and mom raided my books. Fun was had by all. Fred managed to score some overtime so we won't start decorating until Monday. I don't like it when Thanksgiving falls at the very end of November. I feel like the Christmas decorations don't get enough time to fully annoy me so that I am properly motivated to pack them all away.


The guys have gone through another round of interviews and fingers crossed they both may have finally snagged a job. I have noticed that if you are in your 20s that anyone and everyone will come up to you and ask you all kinds of questions ranging from school to career to relationships. And like any 20 something year old will tell you - that gets old real flipping quick! I'm trying to maintain that whole boundary line where I don't share too much with what is going on with them. I don't know about you, but nothing annoyed me more then when my mom would start telling people my life story while I was standing right there.


We are actually kicking around the idea of popping up to Michigan for a day and kind of hitting everything we miss. I'm slightly embarrassed to say most of it involves food. But they ARE guys and one of them did say his favorite hobby was to eat. From what I hear that's exactly what their dad said when he was their age. Well, okay, then.

The downer is there is only one day that is going to work with Fred's crazy schedule. So our plans are just going to have to sort of hang in the unknown while we wait to see what is happening with the guys' and their schedule. I'm sort of feeling 50/50 on it. I don't like to be rushed and there is a strong possibility that it would be a day of go!go!GO! And that's not even considering seeing anyone. Although, to be honest, it would be a very short list. Sort of makes me tired just thinking about it. My mom said I was being a total pansy who needed to get over it and just do it. I wasn't aware she was a spokes person for Nike. And if she is - they have my sympathy. Lot of driving. And the newbie drivers flipped out and said no when I asked if they would do some of it.

For now I'm just going to hang out with my blanket I finally got done. I refuse to take pictures of it because 3 panels managed to come out in some whack-a-do pattern and the rest didn't. I had to add a few more inches more on a couple panels because a couple balls of yarn were a bit short. Of course, the added on part ended up with a totally different goofy pattern. I have made a Frankenblankie! It ain't gonna win any awards, but it feels wonderful and is super duper soft!! I guess that's all that matters.

Matter of fact, it's calling my name as I feel I could use a nap. For like 3 days.