Thursday, December 17, 2015

And Here I Thought I Was Tired

Turns out I am flat out exhausted! I think last week's crisis has settled down. I'm right now up to my eyeballs with this week's idea of how to mess with me.

Actually, it's been more than a week but at this rate, I can't keep up! My dad had finished doing a craft show selling the BBQ sauce when he fell over dead. Seriously. He had to be shocked twice to get his heart starting again. It was thought that he had another heart attack but to make a long story short, his heart had a brain fart and his whole body shut down. I'm going to take this moment and say you hear all the evil that is out there and you sometimes wonder is God even paying attention. Let me tell you, YES, HE IS!

Dad had just finished up, was minutes away from getting behind the wheel and heading off to the next show on his busy schedule. He said he started feeling lightheaded and sat down and the next thing he remembers was waking up Sunday morning in a hospital. However, he JUST so happened to be in a room with other vendors who turned out to be a nurse, an EMT, a fireman, and a police officer was on site. A room full of total strangers came together and helped someone out in need. People finished loading up his van for him, another one called my mom, and everyone rushed him to the hospital. They said he was a local celebrity from all the commotion it caused.

It was bad. And we are all convinced if they would have had to call 911 and waited, there would have been no bringing him back. His BP was so low they couldn't give him any meds. Anytime they gave him anything stronger than Tylenol he crashed on them. He was in Ohio and mom rushed to be by his side while Fred and I went to packed up the other show he was supposed to be at. We were going to head to the hospital the next day and drive dad's van back to their place and see what all mom needed done.


Got a phone call from the hospital about 2:30 am. that my Mom almost passed out on them. She was white as a sheet and had slurred speech so they sent her to the ER. I said good call as she has had a history of stroke.

Dad in ICU and Mom in ER. These people! I swear I am ready to commit them some place!

I felt bad because I only woke up one kid to let him know what was going on, and then Fred and I were out the door to make a 3 hour drive. I should have woke them all up and let them know what was going on. Not everyone saw the note we left so there was some panic with J until he found out what was going on. Bad call on my part.

Added bonus! We ran into heavy fog the last half hour of the drive. Turned out Mom was fine, she didn't eat, didn't drink water, and was on her feet for over 5 hours with dad. They had her back up in his room before we got there. Thankfully Sissy and her mom had drove up to see them thinking we were going to be there. They sat with them and she text me updates. At one point my mom told her to text me everything is fine to relax. I told Sissy to tell her to bite me. I guess she handed to phone over to my mom who cracked up laughing at it and all the nurses decided they loved me and couldn't wait till I got there.

I got to boss the crap out of my mom. It was glorious!

I will say in her defense she didn't really have the time to eat or drink. Dude was in a lot of pain and was thrashing around a lot. They had to strap his hands down as he had pulled on every tube. They were using his right leg's main artery so that leg had to be in a brace to keep him from moving. We had to fight with his left leg as it want to bang into the right leg knocking out the port as that would be really bad. So for 5 hours straight mom had to keep wrestling with his leg, needless to say it wore her out. He was out of it. It was the body just responding out of the shock and pain. Plus he was trying to find a comfortable position.

Once I got there I took over the wrestling match with dad's leg and let her sleep. Fred was smart, he found a recliner in the ICU waiting room that folded out flat and he slept for 5 hours. I think I got 1 hour of sleep. He did most of the driving all day so I was glad he was somewhat rested.

I have had everyone texting me asking me if I'm freaking out. Nope. I haven't even shed a tear. I'm fine. At this stage, it was his 3rd attack. I know the lingo, I know what they are concern about, I know what they are aiming for. Got it. So I just roll with the punches on what needs to get done now and what needs to get done next.

Fred was checking out all the meds they had him on and was explaining what meds was for what and what it should do. We drove dad's van home the next day and got mom a change of clothes. When we came back, Fred noticed right away his BP was up saw all the new bags of meds and asked why they were giving him antibiotics. The lungs had too much fluid in them and got pneumonia in both lungs. I'm not sure they told mom that or not - she seemed surprised Fred figured it out.

I had to dragged mom down to the cafeteria a couple of times to get her something to eat. She kept saying she wasn't hungry and I kept saying I didn't give a rat's @$$ she was going to eat anyway to keep her strength up. I said if I get another phone call because she was being stupid, I was going to return with my angry eyebrows and I was taking over. She started laughing and so did the nurses. Mom looked at them and asked if she had a choice and they said nope. I've asked her everyday if she's eaten anything and what she has had to eat. She needs to eat more protein. Which is flipping hilarious because she was just going off about grandma when they were down for Thanksgiving about not eating right and here she's doing the same thing.

The irony was rather thick. So much so, that I told mom she was acting like her MIL. If looks could kill.

It took a few days for him to get transported back to Indiana with his heart doctor. Was really happy when he was off the ventilator. His doctor was not happy with him. He wanted to insert a defibrillator pacemaker back when dad has his heart attack 3 years ago. My folks both said the doctor didn't tell them the odds, I guess with his condition every year increases his risk of having another heart attack. His heart was down to functioning at only 15% and my dad tends to over-dos things.

I took the guys up to see him the day before they did the procedure with the pacemaker. I think Jared needed to see him to make sure everything was okay. Nicholas teased him that if wanted them to come visit he could have just asked. That got a round of chuckles. We took mom out to eat and I made her eat.

Talked to them today and they are just both worn flat out. I can imagine! She said she has no energy to do anything. Dad said last night was the first night he got to sleep in his bed and slept all night. I think he had to have his arm in a sling and had to be elevated for a few days. Sounds like they are on the mend.

Wished it wouldn't have happened, but relieved that even though it was a crazy mess to go through, glad the right people were at the right place at the right time. Very grateful for Fred helping me juggle everything. Couldn't have done it without him. We had to rush back home to get a guy to an interview and he was off to work. I got a few days to chill and then it was on to the next round of stuff to deal with because the craziness continues.

I could use some of that Peace on Earth right about now. I got to take a guy into work for training at 2 a.m. and then pick him up around 5:30 seeings how the brakes went out on their car today. But of course it did! Grr!