Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When December Turns Into Nothing But A Blur

And you realized that January is trucking right along! My folks' health scares were enough to keep me hopping, but life doesn't always give you just one round of things to deal with at a time. That almost sounds fair and according to Fred - fair is a four letter cuss word!

Had one kid get hosed on a job and the other one take a job at FedEx with a shift starting at the butt crack of dawn. And oh happy day! The brakes went out on their car the day he started. This, of course, has left moi to be taxi. At the butt crack of dawn. Because when the chips hit the trail, it is mom to the rescue.

God bless her little heart.

Her sleep deprived little heart.

And by her, I mean me. Please, God, bless me! My eyes have been extra heavy with not enough sleep. How is it twenty years later and these turkeys are still causing me to be sleep deprived?!?

It's been super weird too because everything has been either in slow motion or super sonic speed. I've had these moments where I'm about ready to go all Sunrise, Sunset. I think the first time I dropped Michael off at work, he suddenly looked like he was 6 years old. It probably didn't help that the work coat we got was a few sizes too big, so it looked like he was wearing his daddy's coat. I told this to the guys and they all started laughing at me saying I must be sleep deprived and what a hoot I am.

Yeah, haha - so funny. Totally hilarious. *gulp!* I think I have issues.

Plus, he's discovered the joys of a lazy co-worker and getting to share the blame because someone refuses to be a team player. When he was telling me about this, I about turned around and ran the guard shack to hunt the manager down. Like I said, I have issues. I wouldn't really have done it. It's just that the thought was right there, my foot might have hovered over the brake pedal, and it's possible my hands did tighten up on the wheel. It's not like I was ready to go full blown hickerbilly, but I just slightly thought about it. But kudos to him as he said he refused to be offended and totally cast that care over to God. He said he can tell it's a test and he is determined to pass it.

He is a much wiser person than I could ever hope to be.

All this driving back and forth in the wee hours just happens to be when Fred's schedule is all 2nd shift. So if I want to see him, I got to stay up late. Then I'm getting up at a time that no person should be up by, get out the door, come back home and try not to pass out on the couch while I wait. Since it's a by load type of shift, they have no idea how long the shift is going to last. There have been a few times he was already done and had to text me to come get him. We both usually head back to bed when we get back. I try to force myself up so I have a chance to see Fred before he goes off to work and then finish off the day in a zombie like phase.

We've had so much stuff going on that it took us a while to get their car in to get fixed. We've been taking their car and he's been driving there but he's still concern about driving back home because he's worn out and sore. We got hit with some snow so this has been some extra time for me to instruct him on driving in snow. He's about ready to take over. Just took him a while to get his confidence up, juggle a new schedule, and get his body used to all the heavy lifting. We all sort of laugh. Michael is the shortest one of the group, but dude has these arms of steel. Jared tossed something at him and said, "Hey biceps, open this for me."

So while M's been tackling that, the guy that got hosed on a couple jobs has ended up being a huge blessing all the way around. He got strung along with a couple places while they were trying to get approval from corporate to higher more people. Don't even get me started on that and according to a couple of managers I used to work for, it happens a lot. Corporate didn't give approval and one thing after another fell through. I have been so frustrated for him I could spit. Granted, not very well, but the angst was there. He, on the other hand, has maintain his peace and has covered for his brother who's been flat worn out. Then he shocked all of us and has been a huge help to my dad selling BBQ products, driving him everywhere, and doing all the heavy lifting. He's outsold my dad twice and my dad can sell snow to a polar bear! Dude doesn't enjoy it but has done this out of his heart to help my dad.

I really feel like he is positioning himself for some serious blessings. My dad is stubborn and will not slow down. This one can give him a run on stubbornness and it's kind of funny to see them together. While dad is getting better, he is still pretty weak. That first weekend, dad admitted he never would have made it without Nicholas' help. (We all told him it was too soon and he didn't want to hear it.) It's been a huge peace of mind that Nicholas is doing this for him. He was saying if anything would have happened he wouldn't have been able to live with the guilt because he could have helped but didn't want to do it. He is doing it unto the Lord and says he can tell it's forcing him out of his shell. I wasn't even aware he was ever IN a shell, but dude has committed to helping his grandpa until the right job comes along. Which causes me to have a lot of mixed emotions.

It's moments like this that I look at them and think dang! You guys are better adults than I am. And then there are times they do something really stupid and I think it's going to take a miracle for them to get it all together. I can say, they have way, way more brilliant, intelligent, and very deep spiritual insight with different circumstances than the brain farts, so there really is hope.

And I need to cling to that hope especially when dealing with Jared, because da boy is nothing but a walking cloud of brain farts lately. He has had a few days where his attitude smells just as bad as a fart too. I know it's a stage, I have been here before. I just don't like this stage, nor its know-it-all attitude.

If that isn't enough to make me sigh - a deep sigh that wants a bag of chocolate and a room all to myself - he's starting to study for his driving permit. While he won't take it till spring, just knowing that it's lurking out there, like a dark cloud looming off in the horizon ready to rain all over my happiness doesn't help. Plus, I'm putting him in a beginner's fencing group, because I apparently thought arming long arms with a sword was a good idea. The older guys keep telling me I'm nuts, but after surviving all the music stuff with them, I guess I'm looking for a change of pace. I'm hoping it'll burn off some of his squirrelly energy. If he comes at me with another flying tackle, I'm refusing to come out of my room. He loves to just hop on Fred's back with no warning. It truly is a miracle that Fred keeps his balance and hasn't crashed into anything. I'm still waiting to hear back if there is a spot open. Classes start in a few days and if he's in, my schedule has officially gone to psychotic stage.

I might get sleep sometime in the summer.