Monday, May 2, 2016


I am so going to take a moment here and totally brag on my man. Dude has been a super hard worker. These last few years was just a big ol' huge leap of faith. That and there was that whole didn't have a choice thing going on. Minor detail. It wasn't easy jumping to a totally different career, but he did it. And in spite of all the oppositions, the bad pay at the beginning, it has paid off.

He has always been a crazy hard worker, so it was no surprise that he's done very well on all his reviews. Some have been so glowing with praise we about hung them in the hallway and used them for nightlights. Not even joking. The comments were just shy of gushing but lots of comments about how inspiring his hard work has on the place. While I already knew that about him, it was really nice to see people appreciate just how good he is at things. He just has this way of calming down situations without even trying. He always manages to calm my crazy self down. I'm now sure how he uses those Jedi tricks, but he's really good at it.

So it should come as no surprise that he just snagged the supervisor position of all the pharm techs in the hospital. It was quite the interesting turn of events. Couple of years ago the supervisor position opened up and several people, including high ranking people at the hospital, suggested he apply for it. He tossed his hat in the ring and while he didn't get it, the guy they went with was really impressive on paper. In marches reality and the guy turned out to be, and I quote, a fiasco, and ended up getting fired right around the holidays. The department has limped on with mainly Fred stepping in and filling in all the gaps. He's caught several mistakes and a couple huge ones that saved the hospital's bacon.

They opened up the supervisor position but it was in-house only. We had to pray hard about this because there were a few situations between co-workers that reminds you of schoolyard junk - from elementary school. There has been a lot of good enough attitudes and sloppy stuff that did makes us wonder if he really wanted to tackle it. Management can be a weird combo of babysitting and trying to heard cats. After a lot of praying, felt like he was supposed to do it. I joked that I bet once they got his application, they were going to shut it down and say, "We got who we wanted,"

Turns out I was right.

He was apologized to for not being given the position the first go around. Whoa! We knew he had a shot but didn't know he was that strong of a contender. Wow! I so wish he would let me copy what the announcement said about him. Glowing! And some of the congratulatory emails from high ranking people he got were really impressive. This is a pretty big deal. He's had some high ranking people stop by his office - yeah - to congratulate him and everyone is excited to see what he'll do with the department. It really was one of those God timing things. Having worked in the department, he knows what needs fixed, knows all the ins and outs, and everyone likes him.

I am beyond proud of him! We've had a lot of hard years, and he has had some really crappy bosses over the years too. Lot of people have underestimated him and have looked down their noses at him. Of course, I'm usually standing behind him flipping them off, but let's not go there. It's been frustrating to know how awesome he is and to see how many times people have blown him off for whatever reason. For him to get this opportunity is pretty awesome. He already completed a project that they gave him a month to do because he's just that awesome. He said he hasn't had to use this part of his brain in a long time so he's having to shift gears. I think he's the right man for the job. Lot of people respect him. There isn't one person there he hasn't helped. He isn't asking people to do anything he hasn't done himself repeatedly. I think the administration part is down right giddy to have a new sheriff in the department. Because if people think that nice guy Fred is going to let their lazy carcasses get away with things, they better buckle up because the storm is about to go down.

If all that awesomeness wasn't enough, he helped me freshen up the powder room. When we walked through this house, the lady had it decorated really cute. Once she left and we got it, I pretty much can't stand the shade of every wall. It's been slow going, but we're making progress. But I'm not sure why I decided to do this right before the in-laws came out for a visit. Maybe their visit gave me the needed push to get it done, or maybe it's because my mom offered to come help sometime next week that got me in gear. Who knows? *cough,cough*

I got it all painted in time for their visit and he has got a few more finishing touches to do and it'll be complete. He spent his day off getting the oil changed in the guys' car, helping me with several errands, we had to take back the new faucet because it wasn't working, got all that done and reinstalled, and then worked 2 back to back doubles over the weekend. How he survives all the craziness of life and acts likes it's no big deal is beyond me. But I'm so very grateful that he does and am amazed by him! *gush*