Friday, June 24, 2016

When Your Life Just Strapped On Running Shoes

All you can do is hold on and go with it. I'm pretty sure I blinked and a whole month went by. I just looked at the calendar where my eyes focused in on the date and not just to see what time so and so has to be where on which day. I thought for sure my eyes were playing tricks on me. And when I took a gander at the month, I felt a bit lightheaded.

I'm sitting here waiting to get a phone call from my folks to inform me that my grandma has passed. She had a stroke Saturday and by Monday she was in a coma. She's 95 and hasn't been doing all that great for months so it is really weird to sit here and just wait. All the texts between aunts and cousins you would think she's already been gone for a few days. Lot of stuff to go through. I'm relieved for my folks who have waited on this stubborn woman like crazy for the last 3 years. It's hard to watch them go through all that and I can't help but think of the future and wonder. Then I have to think of something else, because I just can't go there.

On top of that, I'm behind on a few things and I do find that kind of depressing. J was done with school back in April and I haven't finished grading his math. I can think of about 302 things I would rather do. Shockingly, I seem to have that exact same number of things that need my immediate attention.

May rolled in with J turning 17, M getting employee of the month, (Take that evil manager from the underworld!) and N getting a job at Sam's Club. The guys' car is having some crazy issues. Like it won't release the key once in park. M has a few tricks up his sleeve to get the thing to click and then it'll release. N seems to have all the patience of a gnat and doesn't want to mess around with it. Read all that to Mom will you take me? It's only 6 minutes away, I think I can handle it. Until someone forgot to watch the clock and kept on working and I sat out in the hot sun for over an hour with the sun shining in my face.

I thought about letting him walk home.

Fred's job has pretty much turned into bailing water in a sinking ship at the moment. I think I heard the terms trial by fire been used more than once. He knew going in there were a lot of problems that need to be dealt with but right now they've have 1 person quit, 2 retire, and another moving in another month. Leaves the schedule in shambles and that leaves Mr. Robot to fill in all those gaps. He said I might not see him for the month of July and possibly August. We're like two ships that pass each other and briefly say hi as we charge on to the next port. Our text messages have been entertaining. A couple that can joke together will keep their sense of humor in the midst of sheer chaos.

Chaos - thy name is schedule.

In the midst of all the crazy, we finally found a church back in March. Hallelujah and amen! Because I was pretty much resigned to the fact that it wasn't going to happen. Like ever. How we found it was pretty weird and long story short - it's a God thing. Stuff is brewing on that front. Right now I'm trying to dodge getting asked to help with VBS. Bolting out the door as soon as pastor says amen has been working quite well so far. I do have an excuse as both Nicholas and Fred have to be at work in the afternoon, so there is no time for dilly-dallying.

Trying to balance everyone's work schedule, church stuff, a handful of some other stuff, and I thought I was about ready to tackle another home improvement project. The kitchen cabinets have at least 3 coats of different colors of paint. I can tell as it's all starting to chip around the handles. The walls are a shade of tan I'm not liking and the cabinets were painted almost the same shade. It's just blah. After being very happy with how the bathroom turned out, my eyes can't stop looking at the cabinets pretty much the same way you look at chipped finger nails. The loathing starts to build until you push past the feelings of don't want to and just get it done. I need to get them all stripped down to bare word and then we can see what we have to work with if Fred is still allowed his vacation time. I'm hoping I can tackle one section at a time so I don't get overwhelmed with everything, because I'm sort of surprised at how easy that is to achieve. Because once I get overwhelmed I want to go hide in my blanket fort and pretend I don't exist.

It doesn't work very well. Especially the closer it gets to dinner time.

But right now everything is on hold to see what's going on with grandma. Honestly, I'm amazed she's lasted this long. The rate everything is going, it might just be me and Jared that goes to the funeral. My folks would be livid. Depending on the day all but Nicholas can do it. The thing that gets me is everyone was all over me for the guys to get jobs. Okay - check. Now I got people all pissed off because the guys are - wait for it - working all the time and don't have time for things.

People. Gotta love them.....from a distance. As I run in a different direction.