Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Life Inside A Blender

That would actually make a good book title. I think I might have left my blender on high. This season of life has been.... surprising? chunky? blurry? Almost sounds like a smoothie. Little bit of this, some of that, and I just hope it tastes somewhat decent.

When we last saw our heroine, she was somewhere back in March. In rolled April with her last home school convention and her in-laws coming out for a visit. She had all these thoughts of writing an encouraging home school book, even started up it's own blog (should I just confess that I wrote one - 1 blog post and haven't even looked at it since?) but atlas, that just seemed to have fizzled out. Instead our heroine felt that part of her assignment is coming to a close and doesn't feel sad about it. Like at all. I seriously thought I was going to be all weepy about it, but the trip actually was a complete dud for me. And when I sat down and thought about writing to encourage other homeschoolers I was surprised that I felt nothing. I mean she. She felt nothing.

Yes, SHE pondered that possibly it was an assignment but it was further down the road because maybe there was something else that needed to be tackled. Little did she know that tackling was just life in general. Ahem.

Over dramatic you say? Try this - M had a back molar that broke a while ago, said it didn't hurt and money being what it is didn't really do much. Then same tooth on the other side broke. Took him to a dentist to discover that his lower wisdom teeth grew into the broken molars causing them to crumble. 6 teeth had to go buh-bye. However, that dentist didn't want to touch it and their office was without an oral surgeon. Blah, blah long story was referred to wrong office, delay after delay finally got it done right after the home school conference. Did everything right, dude got an infection. Felt like the worst recovery nurse ever, but was told it was a good thing I was on top of it as it could have been worse.

So M recovered and was glad he did it. But wait, there's more. Who's shocked that whole twin thing kicked in? Anyone? N has the exact same problem, same teeth, x-rays almost look identical. Even though I warned them M was a twin and I would be bringing in N, it freaked out the whole office. It was amusing. Nicholas was a good sport about the whole thing. Same 6 teeth are going next week and you better believe I'm going to be all over it. Don't even think about it, infection!

We had a string of car break-ins in the neighborhood. Michael's driver's side door doesn't unlock with a key. So he has to crawl through the side to unlock it. He didn't lock it as he keeps nothing in his car, had no problems for months. One night he went to go to work but noticed the driver's door barely closed and glove box open. Nothing was missing. A month goes by and he was heading out to his car for work (he leaves anywhere from 3:30 to 4:00 a.m.) to see his car door wide open. We think it being that early, he caught the guy in the act. He said he felt like the Holy Spirit was telling him to get in his car and go! Don't look around, get in and go! His car is parked along the curb as he leaves so early with our other four vehicles in the driveway. A lady posted in our Nextdoor group from her security camera there were three guys that have been hitting people's car. I don't want to think about what could have happened. Needless to say, dude locks his car and just climbs through from the other side. We finally move out of the ghetto and now we have to be even more vigilant with our security. The frustrating part is they are wearing hoodies and masks, they know they are being recorded. Grr!

In the midst of this, J finished up his junior year. Less than a year and I will be done! But dude turned 18 and we are now a family of all adults. Maturity levels is still questionable, but that's sort of normal. Yes, I started him late. It was a last ditch effort to see if the rapture was going to happen so I didn't really have to do this whole homeschooling thing. Good thing I actually got around to doing the whole school thing or this would be awkward.

Thought I would pass along this info - if you have a male turning 18, you have 30 days from his birthday to register him with the Selective Services. When the twins turned 18, they were in the midst of getting driver's permit so forms were sent. There was nothing for Jared so we did it online. Right now, if they don't get registered they can't get any federal help for pretty much anything. They won't be eligible for college grants or loans that are federal, or any type of federal housing loans. I did read an article that there are lawmakers trying to push for harsher punishment for not registering. I don't like it, but it is what it is. I hope and pray it's never used, but I don't want to screw their future over either. That and that whole law thing. So now you know. Read up on it.

Dude has been super busy lately. He helped my dad out with a gun and knife show. Was glad he got all his school stuff done before his laptop croaked. He went to church camp and came back pretty sunburned. We'll just leave off someone forgot to send suntan lotion. Still working at logging in his driving hours. That whole process feels like it takes forever. You think wow, we did a lot, how much time? 10 minutes?!? Nooo!!

This is sad, I can't even remember what else I had going on. Nothing important as I'm having to shove it aside. My dad just had a stroke last week. Brain doctor is saying it was the heart doctor's fault for having his blood pressure too low. Not sure what's going to happen with that. His heart only functions about 25% (he would brag that it's up from 15%) so not sure where his blood pressure should be at. He's going to recover but it's going to take some time. His speech is fine but his vision is messed up. He can't drive for now so this is going to be interesting. He's pretty much done selling BBQ sauce, which is good because we've been on his case for month that his body can't take it. Jared was even saying he didn't think grandpa looked too good when he helped him. Not sure how all of this is going to pan out.

They were going to put him in some rehab clinic, but they changed their minds and sent him home. We're all thinking they ran his insurance to see what it covered and then decided they weren't going to get paid so out the door. They did that when my mom had her stroke. Thankfully, mom recovered her speech and has been back to normal for quite awhile. She said it took about 6 months to finally feel normal so all we can do is wait and see what the brain does.

This, however, means the plans they had for their already paid for conference is in need of an extra driver as my mom can't do all the driving by herself. Not sure if I'm a really good person or if I'm being punished for something, because guess who that extra driver is going to be? We have no idea how well dad is going to travel or how his brain is going to react. I should get back just in time to take N to the oral surgeon and have a week of taking care of him and managing pain meds. Week after that I'm going with my folks to go hear Robert Henderson.

So August - August looks like it might behave. Might. I'm planning on painting the kitchen. I held out as long as I could. We did the cabinets last year, so this is just caulk and paint, not stripping off layers of paint. We're talking about painting the hallway too - not sure. At this point, I might just make a blanket fort and not come out for a while. Except by that time I better get in gear for J's senior year.

Dramatic enough for you? If I hear someone say being a stay-at-home mom is so boring I will try really hard not to punch them in the throat. I'm starting to think my smoothie has some huge chunks of ice in it. Not very smooth but hey, I'm still going, so can't be all that bad.

And it just dawned on me tomorrow is July 4th from all the fireworks going off. It's hard to tell because they have been doing that for the last two weeks. We are not amused especially since the guys all work early morning shifts. I can't keep track of stuff like holidays anymore. Someone is always working a holiday, so everyone is coming and going at odd times. Gone are the days where we even watch TV together anymore. It's crazy! It takes serious plotting and planning for the five of us to even go see a movie together.

But happy independence day, America! Let's hope you really can turn things around a be great again.