Saturday, June 2, 2018

And We're Done!

That's right ladies and gents - we did it! My 17 years of homeschooling has officially come to an end. I'm still in the process of wrapping a few things up. I finished grading all his stuff which was nothing short of a miracle. Graduation announcements already went out, and his diploma is on the way. His driver's test is schedule which is a long and boring story that isn't going to get posted because clearly I don't post hardly at all anymore.

I'm going to slightly go off about car insurance because they seem to think people with teenagers have money. What a joke! The grocery store gets all our money. Enough about that or we'll be here till the cows come home.

I keep waiting for the emotions to show up and go all ugly cry, but this time around I feel nothing but this intense feeling of relief. And smugness. Lots and lots of feeling smug. With the twins I was all Sunrise, Sunset total mess. With Jared - I feel relief, satisfaction, and again that smugness. I seriously want to do a shout out to all the haters. I was posting stuff on Facebook about being done and had to laugh at who liked it and who was silent.

Haters gonna hate.

I so wish I wouldn't have wasted so much time and energy on people that clearly didn't have my back, didn't have my family's best interest in mind, and were just fake. Oh to have a talk with my younger self! Perspective is an amazing thing - if only it would show up sooner rather than later.

In the middle of all this craziness, Michael got a newer car. Dude was in a couple fender benders over the winter, so he saved up his money to get a newer vehicle. He ended up getting a really good deal on a much newer car than he thought possible. Totally debt free. So proud of him. However, his old car is still here. Have I mentioned we have like zero parking space? 5 cars is barely do-able. We now have 6 cars. We tried to see if Jared would like it as it's newer than his but he doesn't want it. Remember that scene where Mr. Incredible is squished in the car? Almost an accurate picture. Michael is the same height as me (poor shrimp) and Jared is 6 ft. so it's not going to work. I think a friend of his is going to buy it, but he has to save up some money.

Here's hoping my eye-twitch will be able to survive the month with an additional car eating up precious curb space.

Nicholas did get another job, he was only out of work for a total of two weeks, but he was still getting paid from Sam's Club as part of their severance package so he got a double paycheck for almost a month. The whole thing still sucks, but life is like that. Menard's built a new store just around the corner from our old rental place, so he's familiar with the area. They pay more and they really like him. Couple of cooperate people say he has excellent customer service and two different managers are trying to get him to go to their department.

I got everyone asking me what am I going to do with myself and free time. That makes me laugh because I don't have free time. I am pulled all over the place to keep everyone else squared away. I would like to express my disappointment that no one has written a What To Expect Now That They Are Grown book. I seriously could use one and explain to me these different stages. Is it awesome? Yes! But this stage seems to be a lot more busy. How is this possible???

Although, having adult children means I'm getting pretty spoiled on Mother's Day these last few years. Guess it's making up for all the years it wasn't great. They got me a robot sweeper thing! I feel like I need to say it exactly like that, because I can't figure out how to program it.
I feel so dumb.
I've started to drop hints at Nicholas, our tech guru, that he's gonna have to 'splain it to me. This sucker has different modes, which again, I can't figure out. I can't put it on a timed cleaning schedule because so far the little squirt gets hung up under one of our chairs. It got stuck in a couple different spots too. So it's like a toddler that needs some supervision. And I need help on how to make it behave.

I should be able to figure this out. I've been around technology my whole life so I should know how to make things work. I was on the phone with my dad the other day and he couldn't figure out that I had text him a picture. He kept saying he was on Messenger and couldn't see the picture, which isn't the same as texting. We went round robin for 5 minutes, so I ended up sending the picture through Messenger because it wasn't clicking with him.

God, help me! That better not be my future.

My folks did congratulate me on finishing my race. I'm going to bask in that glow because it's gonna fall flat here shortly. My niece is getting married, like tomorrow. It's a five hour trip one way. It starts at 4, on a Sunday. We can't go. I have a few valid reasons why we can't go, but I can tell you, it hasn't gone over very well with my mom. At all.


For now, I'm just basking in the glory of finishing the race. It's not a graceful crossing mind you, but more like a face plant across the line. But I did cross it so hooray!

And if I could do this - and believe me, there were A LOT of people along those 17 years who told me that I couldn't do it, then I wonder what else I can do?

Seriously, I'm taking suggestions. And I need them quick too, because my mom seems to think I need her to fill in my time now. (Insert some heavy sighs, muttering, and a couple swear words tossed in for good measure.)

Hope everyone has a happy summer! Because I have a stack of books I'm planning on reading.